Seven centuries ago many humans where driven out of the city of Stone-kind. This group of humans has lived in secret in the North-West mountains of the Nershra mountain range. There this tribe of rouges was free to worship their deity called Shi’rah the Great. In the woods, there was nobody to call them heathens and stone them. A Dres’ide rouge is nameless until the age of ascension. At the ceremony marking the age of ascension (age 16) the rouge picks their name and their second class.

The true story of Shi’rah the Great
1000 years ago an alien landed on Raidrah near the Basih Sea. Her name was Shi’rah. After many years of life near the sea she found herself developing superhuman powers. Something in the water or air she thought. As more time passed she shed her mortal existence and existed as pure energy. she made her way to a city where a mage found her being of magical influence the mage was able to commune with her where others could not. Shi’rah saw how the people of the city lived seeing they where in bad shape. She was advanced enough to know how to help them she told the mage of how to live well and of luxuries not know to the humans of Raidrah. The mage was her only way of telling the humans how to live well. The mage unknowingly thought she was a god who wanted him to be her prophet. Thus he started the cult of the Dres’ide named after Shi’rah’s species. The other citizens of the city were fearful of the cult of the Dres’ide. So the citizens ran them out of town. The cult of the Dres’ide was now called the Dres’ide Rouges. They left civilization and lived in the Nershra mountains. There they have lived for seven hundred years.

The Dres'ide Rouges

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